Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Disaster Anyone?

Disaster. This words best described the downstairs bath room. The photo of the bathtub does not look too bad, but looks can be deceiving.

My furnace stopped in December 2003 so the pipes froze under the bathroom floor. When I inspected them, I discovered the bathroom floor joists were bug eaten, dry rotted, badly patched and one end was hanging off the foundation. My handyman ripped out the floor, tub and the wall separating the toilet from the rest of the room. The tile around the tub had been installed over old tile over mildewed walls.

The floor had to be rebuilt with added supports in the crawl space. My handyman also laid tile, leveled the cabinet and repaired the walls. He repaired or installed new plumbing.

The linoleum was inexpensive and had rips in it and was replaced with ceramic tile. Not everything went down with the ship. The mirror, lights and pedestal sink were in great shape.

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