Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Adding Flavor to the Kitchen

I faux painted the 1950’s cabinet blue, used a tall cabinet I had brought down from the upstairs bathroom and one from the corner of the kitchen and painted them to match. I trimmed all the upper cabinet tops with captain’s railings. The two extra cabinets added a lot more storage. When I stripped the hinges on the kitchen cabinets, I discovered that they were made of copper. I bought copper pulls and knobs to match. I modified a maple shelf I had bought several years earlier for my last house and had not used. I hung it by the kitchen table. I brought the same look to it by adding captain rails around the sides and front.

I used my mason-jar collection to decorate the tops of the cabinets and added a few extra items, including copper bowls, and other accessories to match the cabinet hardware.
I painted and repaired the textured wall paper and hung a period-style chandelier over the table area.

My handyman leveled the floor, added pot lighting, an extra plug, repaired the area under the stove, installed a new dishwasher and removed the fake-brick linoleum.

Croft-Beck floors refinished the original pine/oak floor. I bought several braided rugs to soften up the room. In the meantime, I can now enjoy the charming room until I have the finances to do it right.

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