Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October's Halloween Funtastic

Halloween is a holiday I have always found to be entertaining and fun. I spent weekends for the last couple of months working on a project making Grim Grinning Ghosts busts for my son who decorates his yard in Southern California with fantastic props that pop up, fly through the air, glow eerily in the windows or stands around adding to the spirit of Halloween. Here is the link to my other blog describing my project to help make his yard a real treat for trick or treaters. http://halloweengrimgrinningghosts.blogspot.com/

Not too spooky to make guests lose their appetites.
Fall came too quickly this year. Here is October’s table setting to help set the mood for the holiday. While at Michael’s I found this Halloween centerpiece on sale. The price was right, and I like the color combination of purple, orange tones and black. I added a couple of orange butterflies I had bought several months previously. I purchased two spider-shaped candle holders from Michael’s, purple napkins, black with silver trimmed napkin holders from Bed Bath and Beyond, black chargers and orange candles from Tai Pan Trading. I made a purple table runner and bread basket liner. I found the purple and black tassel for the table runner in the shopping district in Los Angeles. I previously purchased over 100 pieces of Arcoroc dinnerware from a friend. The clear glass with an etched wheat pattern is easy to decorate around, and the numerous pieces add a variety of possibilities.