Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Couch Potato - At Last!

Hanging the crown molding in the office/den was the most challenging chore because of crooked walls. My best friends helped me. I almost gave up, but they cheered me on to the finish. I am finally enjoying this room without staring at the 10-foot walls and grumbling, “I hate this wallpaper!”

I was going to paint the walls slate blue, but the swatches I tried just did not work out, so I went for the similar cream color that I painted other rooms.

I wanted what my son lovingly calls “white-trash furniture,” a couch that reclines. After all, this room is for comfort. I thought I wanted a leather one, but I shopped around and could not find one I liked. I was suddenly inspired with the thought, “Don’t discount fabric.”

I went back to R.C. Willey furniture store, and found a couch and chair that were covered in micro fiber that looks like leather. When I sat in it and reclined it back, it continued to gently rock back and forth—sooo relaxing! When I told the salesperson how much I liked it, she said, “It’s not supposed to continue rocking like that. The mechanism must be broken.” I told her that I liked it that way. She called her supervisor and told him that I wanted to buy the floor-model chair and it was broken. He told her that I could buy it and gave me several hundred dollars off the price too.

Faux leather, reclining furniture with plastic decorative nails, and even the chair is a reclining rocker. My son visited me and commented on how comfortable the set was. He liked my “redneck” purchase.

Oh, what a life! After a long day of house fixing, to sit on a comfortable couch, grab the universal remote and escape into the world of cable TV.

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