Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Den of Stripe-iquity

The den/office was the last room on my list for renovation. It seemed to be the most recently decorated. But according to my taste, the out-dated wallpaper was a sin. The carpet was in good shape. After a long day of house-fixing, I liked to retire to the den and vegetate, but for some reason I had a hard time relaxing. Maybe it was the floor to ceiling stripes. I felt trapped in a wallpapered with pajama-bottom fabric box. I dreaded dealing with the walls. I did not know what was under that busy wallpaper. One day a friend and I were sitting on the couch discussing the stripes that were closing in on us. I took hold of a corner of wallpaper that was lifting. I gave it a pull and down came a big chunk. Oh, oh! My friend gave another piece a yank and down it came. Well, den renovation had begun whether I was ready or not.

I jumped into wallpaper removal with gusto. I was pleasantly surprised to find that a previous owner had stripped off all the layers of old wallpaper before applying their wallpaper. The latest layer of wall paper and the underlying wallpaper practically fell off in my hands, Yeah.

I was going to attempt to put drywall mud on the walls that were rough but had a thin coat of paint. My left wrist was having problems because of tendinitis from working on the computer so much so I struggled with attempting that project. My trusted drywaller came to my rescue again. I hired him the put up a new ceiling, and skim coat the walls. I think some jobs should be left to the experts and this was one of them.

I sanded and painted the woodwork, painted the walls, repaired and repainted the door, stripped paint off the hardware, installed crown molding and hung a new light/fan. The old fan/light had several feet of wire wound around inside the box and some wire sticking out around the edge.

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