Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Small Things That Make Me Smile.

Aren't I Pretty?
There are things in life that just make me smile every time I see them. For example: my grandchildren, the bubble nightlight at the top of my stairs, butterflies flitting around my flowers, deer sneaking through my yard, sleeping babies and my African violet. I bought the small African violet at a hardware store, took it home, watered and feed it. Nothing! For several years it did not put out a single blossom, but the leaves got big. When my other African violet died I took the newer one downstairs and put it in its place. At first it wilted and looked like it was going to die. Then “Viola,” it blossomed and has not stopped since, blooming almost continually. It is also a sporting African violet that has gives me different looking blossoms each time. I especially like the self-watering pot that makes tending it so easy. I love that flower!

I think May's table setting will be inspired by this flower, lavender, purple, green and accents of silver.