Friday, August 26, 2011

August's Table, Summer Beaches and Fun

Seashells and dragon flies, two of nature's wonders!

With summer winding down, I decided to celebrate water fun with its beaches, seashells and sand. I made a table runner in earth tones that pick up the colors in seashells and salt grass. I fringed the edges of the table runner, napkins and the bread-warmer cloth. I found a set of three glass candle holders at Bed Bath & Beyond that included sand and seashells. I scattered a few larger seashells around the centerpieces. They are fond reminders of beaches I have visited in my lifetime, from Hawaii to the Atlantic Ocean. I chose earth brown chargers and my versatile clear dishes. The many dragon flies in my yard called for dragon fly napkin rings to complete the decor. This table setting was a fun way to bring the out-of-doors inside!  

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May's Table - April's Snow Brings May Flowers

Royal purple with daffodils - almost spring!
I wonder if winter in Manti will ever end this year. At least the daffodils and tulips bloomed in profusion. I decided to dress up May table with purple, lavender and silver, and the bouquet of daffodils and purple tulips made a perfect centerpiece. I bought purple glass candle holders at Bed Bath & Beyond, a silver-colored pot and the light purple nakpins at a thrift store, made the purple table runner and a bread basket napkin. I had previously bought the purple tassels in the Los Angeles shopping district. When the tulips and daffodils fade, I hope to have irises and lilacs in bloom for the center piece and maybe some Iceland poppies.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Small Things That Make Me Smile.

Aren't I Pretty?
There are things in life that just make me smile every time I see them. For example: my grandchildren, the bubble nightlight at the top of my stairs, butterflies flitting around my flowers, deer sneaking through my yard, sleeping babies and my African violet. I bought the small African violet at a hardware store, took it home, watered and feed it. Nothing! For several years it did not put out a single blossom, but the leaves got big. When my other African violet died I took the newer one downstairs and put it in its place. At first it wilted and looked like it was going to die. Then “Viola,” it blossomed and has not stopped since, blooming almost continually. It is also a sporting African violet that has gives me different looking blossoms each time. I especially like the self-watering pot that makes tending it so easy. I love that flower!

I think May's table setting will be inspired by this flower, lavender, purple, green and accents of silver.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

April's Easter Table - Where is the Lamb?

Where is the Lamb?

April is here with some beautiful sunshine after a long, cold winter. I started April’s table with some Easter eggs from Tuesday Morning and candle ring and candles from Tai Pan Imports. I looked for a matching fabric to sew a table runner and finally found one I liked at Joann’s Fabrics. The bad news was it was an expensive Ralph Lauren fabric, but I had a 50% off coupon that made it good news. I sewed the table runner and fringed the ends then used two scraps left over to trim a matching napkin for the bread warmer.

This month I used a pale yellow table cloth and my versatile Arcoroc tableware with chocolate-colored chargers.  I had some clear turquoise-colored napkin rings and pale yellow napkins. I put the eggs in a pedestal fruit bowl with some raffia and placed a stuffed Easter bunny on the top. When I looked at the display, something was missing. Easter is a holiday to celebrate the most important event in the world, the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and there was nothing on the table to indicate the reason why I celebrate Easter. I decided to replace the Easter bunny with a lamb. After all, Jesus Christ was referred to as a lamb 27 times in the Book of Revelations by Saint John and not once as God’s little bunny! With that in mind, I went out shopping and could only find chicks, dogs, cats, pigs, horses and cow toys, but no lamb. Before the month is over, I hope to find the perfect lamb for my centerpiece.

I visited my children in San Diego and while there mentioned my quest for the perfect lamb. My granddaughter happily gave me one of her stuffed toys. Her unconditional love and generosity makes this the “perfect lamb.” Besides it is very white and cute!
The perfect Lamb.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Green, Green, Green for March

Green for Spring
In honor of my few Irish ancestors and St. Patrick’s Day, I chose greens as the theme for March’s table setting. All the St. Patrick Day decorations I saw were glittery and cheap looking, so I made these center decorations of lemons and greenery from a garland I purchased at Michaels.  I bought three different shades of green candles from Tai Pan Trading. For the middle candle I took a copper pot decorating a window sill in the kitchen, placed a glass candle holder in the opening and sat the candle on it so it would be higher than the other two candles. I put foil-covered chocolate coins around the base of the candle in the holder and scattered a few around the base of the pot on the table and added a leprechaun. The brown chargers pick up the color of stems in the candle greenery. I selected green napkins with a leaf pattern and green napkin rings. I sewed a green table runner and trimmed the ends with dangling gold coins to add to the "pot of gold" Theme.

One of my favorite table accessories is a basket with a cloth napkin and a pocket that holds a flat terra cotta stone. The stone is heated in a microwave or the oven and placed in the napkin pocket and it keeps rolls, bread or tortillas warm throughout the meal. I made a matching green napkin for the basket. I found several styles of these baskets on line. I bought my Keilen bread warmer and basket from and another one at T.J. Maxx.

Green, green, green is for spring.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February - Love, Hearts and Valentine

Valentine red, hearts and flowers.
I chose the traditional Valentine theme for February’s table setting. I purchased tulips, red, pink and pale pink roses with an accent of flowering grasses at Michael’s, placed them in a vase with red glass hearts and clear crystal marbles. Heart-shaped candles sit on clear glass holders with a floral heart ring circling the bottom. I used cherry red chargers, red linen napkins, silver and red napkin holders and clear plates, glasses and dishes. Each place setting has a miniature shakers filled with natural salt and fresh ground pepper. As I have mentioned before, I love rich red and silver together.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January's Blue - The Color of Winter

Blues, silver and white add shivery elegance.
Now that Mother Nature has Manti grasped in her frozen fingers, I chose blue as the main color for January’s table setting since that cool color reflects the chilly hues of winter.

On New Year’s Day at about 7:00 AM, I found myself gazing out at a beautiful sunrise bursting forth in all directions with light blues and pinks above a glittery snow-covered landscape and knew blue was the right choice.

The centerpiece is a large brandy snifter filled with several sizes of silver and blue glass bulbs and topped with a silver glittering butterfly. On either side, a blue glass holder flickers with a tea candle. Crystal reminds me of winter’s ice so I chose cut crystal stemware and napkin rings that look like they are made from ice chips and circle dark blue linen napkins. Blue and white English china sit on silver chargers. Serving dishes and bowls are crystal clear or deep blue. I particularly enjoy the crystal gravy bowl and ladle I bought at Linen 'n Things. As the winter sunshine streams in on this table setting placed on a stark white table cloth the decor looks shivery but elegant.