Monday, December 28, 2009

Where Have All The Flowers Gone? Frozen!

Another cold winter has grasp Manti in its frozen finger (-29 degrees already), but I never feared, because I had insulated my attic with battings of 30R insulation. What a difference that made from previous winters. The bats of insulation were on sale so a grabbed or rather hefted 10 rolls home. My two dear friends volunteered to help me install it. After climbing through the small access opening in the ceiling and looking around, I almost hollered "uncle!" What a mess. There was old batting under blown-in insulation that was heaped around where workers had pushed it aside to install lights, heating etc, leaving bare spots and bits of trash discarded everywhere. I had to bend over to work and crawl through a small opening to get from one section to another. My friend cheered me on, and we got started. I cleaned up much of the mess and handed down a box of trash. My younger friend (in her 70s) cut the batting as I yelled down the measurements. Her sister (about 80) stood half way up the 10-foot ladder and handed insulation up to me through the small access hole (she insisted and there was no talking her out of it). To our suprise, it only took 3 hours to finish the job.
I have a new appreciation for anyone who installs that itchy stuff for a living.... .

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