Sunday, December 14, 2008

Year 2008 Winds Down

Time kept ticking away and so many small projects were unfinished on the entry doors to the house. I think the projects were neglected because I thought it would take more time than it did to complete them so I procrastinated a little.

As fall 2008 came to an end, I finally finished this much-needed work on the outside of my house. I thank God for giving me warm weather that lasted until the week after Thanksgiving. I also thank two of my friends for their help to get these projects finished before the snow began to fly. We scraped, sanded and painted the outsides of all the entry doors and door frames. I painted the bead-board ceilings of all three porches and the master-room balcony. I sanded and painted the other screen doors and had the screens replaced. I also replaced two transom screens and some doorway trim. I used metal screen in the south porch and balcony door to keep the integrity of the house. Since the climate in Manti is so dry, I do not have to worry about the metal insect screen rusting.

What I difference new screens, new screen moldings, cleaned hardware and fresh paint made. Instead of the entry ways that were worn and shabby, they now look fresh and inviting.

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