Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Naked Victorian

Ouch. I'm naked.

With the cotton wood trees gone, my old Victorian house looks naked. The stumps will be gone next week along with the Charley Brown pine tree that never grew much because it had been planted in their shade and it was a rutting tree for mule deer. In the fall during the rut or breeding season, bucks assert themselves by backing at a tree and rubbing the velvet from their antlers. This activity can be territorial, and bucks return to a tree they like. My little pine didn’t stand a chance!

I have chosen two new shade trees that I plan to have planted when the stumps are gone and holes take their place. Choosing shade trees was more of a challenge that I first thought it would be, but they will not be cotton woods or Siberian elms!
Charley Brown's tree.

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